Customer Satisfaction Survey

It was already routine for our client to implement satisfaction surveys with his patients, in brief the attendants handed the patients a paper form, which was completed and deposited in a urn voluntarily and then tabulated and analyzed by the hospital staff.

The hospital faced challenges, in addition to having the uncertainty in manually typing the answers by its own service team, counting on the delay in the results in each of the units and still had a low number of respondents, having seen the inappropriate format (questionnaire extensive) and application (on paper) considered antiquated by the users themselves

The challenge
Identify the evaluation points: Hospital entrance, consultation, hospitalization, examinations, first aid among others.

Plan and implement a solid and stable satisfaction survey in the different hospital units, at different points of contact, by different means of application that would allow a complete analysis of the user experience and the safe implementation of corrective actions.

Get to work
Intout has reviewed all important valuation metrics and actionable ones.

We have online surveys, which were available in totems in the reception, laboratory and hospitalization areas where each patient could voluntarily respond to the survey. We inserted a SMS trigger attached to the CRM tool, where the patient answered by a single question (NPS) what was the probability of referring the hospital to a friend or colleague.

What is it
Measuring how customers feel about the company is crucial to maintaining business health. INTOUT offers different Satisfaction Survey and Net Promoter Score solutions for both B2C and B2B companies.
Step 1
We define together with your team every trip of purchase of your customers.
Step 2
We create evaluation metrics for each point of contact.
Step 3
We apply research by different techniques (email, phone, sms, totems, and more).
Step 4
We align technologies and processes through our advanced research software (creation, distribution and analysis).
Step 5
We align technologies and processes through our advanced research software (creation, distribution and analysis).
Step 6
We customize Dashboard real time and reports: Each hierarchical level has access to a custom report.
Step 7
We recommend action plans and continuous improvement.
Results in real time, with the service area focused on solving the main problems of the client.

Continuous improvement groups focused on meeting all the requirements of your program of excellence.