From the precise collection process, rigorous validation methods to thorough care in transforming data into information for knowledge generation.
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Market transformations occur around the world every second, and as this occurs, companies are increasingly seeking strategic information for assertive decision making.

Intout was born to provide intelligent information through studies and market research that potentiate the results of companies that want to be ahead in their market of action.

We help your company make informed decisions and develop winning tactics and strategies!

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Some of our services most wanted by companies

Market Potential Studies
Before investing, understand the size and potential of your market, make assertive decisions, and know exactly what efforts are needed to reach your market share.
Customer Satisfaction Survey, NPS-Net promoter score, Customer experience
Conquering a new customer costs much more than loyalty to those who already own. Our satisfaction surveys give you a clear view of where you should prioritize investment in improvement to retain your customers, enhancing not only maintaining, but increasing your revenues.
Pricing and price analysis
In pricing, monitoring competitor prices is one of the multi factors for developing your strategies for composing your price. Be more competitive, not only in its price, but in commercial and promotional policies.
Competitor study (hidden client)
Find out who your competitors are and how they act, what their sales pitch and differentiation strategies are. Attack the weaknesses, be forward in your market.
Consumer habits research
Habits can be created and/or modified, but for this, it is essential to know the end-to-end loop from the trigger to the reward. Understand your target and conquer them by developing strategies based on their longings.
Brand study (positioning, top of mind, value perception...)
What is your position in the market and in the minds of your consumers? Your brand is the most remembered, what do you want remembered? At the moment of the choice / purchase there is an association of value and benefit (multidimensional). How does the consumer realize value in your brand?

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Success Stories

The best experience in each stage, taking full advantage of the results of our studies.

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What our customers are talking about Intout
“Excellent service and professionalism in the development of our research project. The results helped us a lot in important strategic decisions of our company”.

Rodrigo, Marketing Manager – Cosmetics Industry


“It’s already the second year we’ve hired INTOUT for our customer satisfaction survey. We really like how INTOUT conducts research with high quality and exceptional executive reports, very intuitive and effective.”

Carla, Director of customer relationship – Network of retail shoe stores


“Trust in the data and impeccable service, this is what I can say about INTOUT, they have really demonstrated a lot of expertise in conducting our study on the habits and customs of our target. Congratulations to the whole team!”

Diogo, General Director – Telecommunication services company

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